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Photo by Stuart Isett

Hi there! My name is Boo Davis and I'm a graphic designer, illustrator and quilter living in Seattle. I make heavy metal-inspired quilts under the studio name, Quiltsrÿche, and I'm the author of Dare to Be Square Quilting — a sickeningly cute guide to modern patchwork. I've paid the bills as Art Director for Seattle Weekly and as a news artist at The Seattle Times. Prior to that I published the music and veg culture ’zine, Buttrageous. I spent my youth cozied up under my grandma's quilt listening to Ozzy. As a grown-up metalhead and design enthusiast, the intersection of sweet and evil is what I find most compelling.

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How do I get my hands on a quilt?

Thanks for your interest in my work! Connect with me on social media to hear about new quilts and where my work is showing.


I have a great idea for a quilt. Can you make it for me?

Sorry, but I'm not accepting commissions or doing custom work at this time.


Are your quilts available as patterns?

I'll eventually get around to offering a few of my Quiltsrÿche quilts as PDF patterns in an Etsy shop. Sign up for my newsletter or connect with me on social media for news of when Hell freezes over.


Will you donate a quilt to my fundraiser?

Maybe! My heart belongs to animal causes and I try to help when I can.


How are your quilts made?

I use 100% cotton fabrics. Quiltsrÿche believes guitars should be electric and quilts should be machine-pieced, machine-quilted and machine-binded.


How do I care for my quilt?

Quiltsrÿche quilts are designed and constructed to be a joyful part of your everyday life. They can handle gentle wear and tear, but never enter the pit with one tied around your neck as a cape — as cool as that would look, your quilt will never be the same. Basically, handle your quilt with care as you would any fine textile. To maintain your quilt's color intensity, keep it out of direct sunlight, and minimize washing. Quilts may be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle with a gentle quilt soap. Remove the quilt from the machine and spread it flat on a clean sheet that has been placed out of direct sunlight. Let it air-dry using a fan and a playing of Ride The Lightning to speed the process.


Why haven't you emailed me back, jerko?

I'm so sorry! I have crippling Inbox Shame. I really want to write you the thoughtful reply you deserve, and I just keep getting distracted by stupid stuff. Sit tight...you'll hear from me eventually.


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